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DuroMax Portable Generators

DuroMax Portable Generators

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DuroMax Generators

Wyoming is a fabulous place to live with low property taxes,
no state income tax, no corporate income tax, a semi-arid
climate and government that maintains a very light touch.
We have the lowest number of residents in all 50 states so
crowding isn’t an issue. Yes, Virginia, we do have electricity
and it is pretty darn reliable despite the fact that it is from
our power coop some 100 miles over some very rugged
mountainous terrain.

Why we need a generator

Our coop is member owned (as opposed to investor or publicly
owned) as is the interconnect coop that owns all the transmission
lines that connect the other coops from north to south. We are
fully integrated as well in that we own the power plants and the
coalmines and gas wells that feed them. The coop-provided
electric power is the source of the energy we need to power our
computers and the furnace, deep well pump, freezer refrigerator
and central vacuum. Despite the unusual level of reliability we
enjoy we sometimes have to do without the utility provided
electricity. That’s when self-generated power becomes essential.

Because of where we are tornadoes are a very unusual phenomenon
and hurricanes are nonexistent. Fortunately, earthquakes are very
rare and when they do occur they are very small. We don’t have ice
storms but we do have snow – sometimes lots of snow. This may
prove to be another bumper winter for snow. Even in June the
mountain passes still will have deep snow (30-50 feet) in them.
As you can imagine this kind of snowfall can lead to electric power
interruptions – usually when they are least convenient.

It can get very, very cold here during the winter. It’s not unusual
to experience -30 F actual temperatures with 60mph winds. Not
having a source of electricity under those conditions is completely
unacceptable and life threatening. In this arid climate water is an
essential commodity any time of year. The only way we can pump
it is with electricity whether it is brought to us or we generate it.

There are potential situations all over the United States and Canada
which may see utility electric power interrupted and requires that
some alternative source of electricity be available. Ice and
snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods are some of the
weather related causes of power interruptions. They are in addition
to power failures due to transmission problems, local switchgear
failures and power plant shutdowns. Virtually every geographical
location in the United States and Canada has its own risks that
could unexpectedly come to the fore.

What we found

We previously found some excellent generators and have written
about them elsewhere. However, we really felt that we needed a
generator line with greater capacity that could provide more of
our household needs under really adverse conditions. These are
conditions where noise is not a significant factor, where cost is a
factor and where a very reliable and substantial capacity would
prove to be essential. We’re very pleased to report that we found
and can recommend the DuroMax line of generators for that purpose.

A truly informed decision can be made by employing the following
reviews of DuroMax generators. The rated electrical generating
capacities of the reviewed units are 4500, 8500 and 10,000 watts
respectively. Any one of these products represents excellent value
for the dollar invested.

The DuroMax generator model numbers we have reviewed are
XP4500E, XP8500E and XP10000E respectively.

Click on the links below to read more about each DuroMax Generator.


DuroMax Model XP4400e

DuroMax Model XP8500e

DuroMax Model XP10000e


Here is where you can purchase your choice today


Potential Applications, Uses and Benefits of investing in
DuroMax generators –

DuroMax generators are very good products that represent
excellent value for the purchase dollar. Because they are
portable they can have multiple uses depending upon the
season and the need. What follows is some of the uses for
DuroMax generators and why you should consider them.
Certainly you can think of many other applications that make
the purchase of one of these generators highly desirable.

Adverse weather conditions and power failures

An efficient, quiet DuroMax generator with sufficient generating
capacity will make it possible for you to enjoy many of the daily

comforts and necessities to which you have become accustomed
when there is no utility provided power available. Available in
many models, we are limiting our discussion to units with maximum
power capacities of 4400, 8500 and 10,000 watts. Under most
adverse weather conditions these models should cover your needs
for dependable electric power. Whether facing a hurricane, tornado,
ice storm, blizzard or flood now is the time to assess your needs
and accommodate them. Later will very likely be too late because
generators will be in very short supply, fuel may be unavailable
and electricians unable to serve your need for a transfer switch.

Power failures occur with increasing frequency because there is
insufficient generating and power transmission capacity and
equipment is aging. Although complete power failures are still
reasonably uncommon they are not unheard of. What are
relatively common are so-called rolling blackouts in which due
to power shortages, the utility company shuts off electricity to
blocks of users for periods of time. Rolling blackouts usually
occur during periods of extreme heat or cold when the user
demand for electricity is very high. Much more common are
so-called brownouts which occur when the overall system demand
for electric power is very high and the utility company, rather
than shutting off the power completely, decides to lower the
available voltage to where electronics, lights and motors barely
operate. Either way, blackouts or brownouts, there is a substantial
risk of damage to motors and electronic devices or to appliances
that contain computer chips. Having a reliable generator with
sufficient capacity to power your essential loads is the only
practical way to avoid potential damage.

House and Garden

Your reliable DuroMax generator will provide you with the
electric power you need do operate heavy-duty electric tools
to help with maintenance around you home or business and
their grounds. Depending upon the power output capacity of
the generator you purchase you can operate electric mowers,
trimmers, power washers, paint removers, heaters, saws, drills,
log splitters and other similar types of equipment. There will be
no more dangerous power sucking high loss extension cords
required. Lighting your work area will become very easy when
a lack of daylight would otherwise make it difficult if not
impossible to work safely and efficiently


Extending the area and hours in which you can entertain your
guests will become easy when you have your DuroMax generator
to provide the electricity you need. Dangerous, bulky, power
robbing extension cords will no longer create tripping and shock
hazards where they are stretched across the yard. Plenty of high
quality electricity will be available for lighting, food preparation
and hot storage, refrigeration and audio equipment.

No doubt, based upon your individual needs, you can think of
many more great applications for these well built and priced

Features and Benefits of DuroMax  Generators

EPA Approved

Legal in 50 states

Being legal in 50 states removes any concern about the
generator you purchase being legal to purchase and use in
the State of California other areas in which emission
restrictions exist. (Note that not all of the DuroMax generator
models are legal in California)

Super quiet muffler

Because Duromax generators we reviewd are fitted with super
quiet mufflers they will be welcome both socially and legally
in campgrounds and neighborhoods where noise can be an issue.
Only somehat louder than a normal conversation the operation of
these generators should not cause interference with your or
or other’s enjoyment of their experience on an adjoining property
or in a campground.

Spark arresting muffler

DuroMax generators, because they are fitted with approved spark
arresting muffers, meet US Forest Service and various state’s
requirements for use where there is danger of fire.  Obviously
this is an important feature anywhere there is a potential for
a spark caused fire.

OHV engine and cast iron cylinder liner and steel bearings

You’ll a longer operating operating life with DuroMax generators
due to the modern design overhead valve engine that powers
them.  The use of cast iron cylinder sleeves and steel bearings
provides for excellent reliability and fewer unanticpiated


The standard DuroMax warranty is for one year thus
assuring you of service in the unlikely  event that
something does go wrong with your generator.

Low oil warning system

The Low Oil Warning System helps to prevent damage to your
DuroMax generator due to a low oil level in the engine.  If the
oil level falls below a predetermined level the engine will
cease to operate until it is filled to its proper level. This will
save you from being subect to expensive repairs and reducing
or eliminating excessive engine wear and reduced generator life.

Volt meter

The control panel contains an easily readable volt meter so you
can determine when the electrical load on your DuroMax generator
is approaching its maximum.

Automatic Voltage regulator

DuroMax generators are equipped with automatic voltage
regulators to maintain the desired output voltage of 120/240

Voltage selector

You can choose to have your DuroMax generator provide the
electric power output at 120 or 240 volts depending upon your

Keyed lock and start

A keyed lock and start feature is provided to prevent non-
authorized use of the generator.

Folding grip handles

Folding grip handles make it possible to handle and pull
your DuroMax generator without undue strain on your hands,
wrists arms and back.

Electrical overload breaker

Lets face it.  Everyone overloads an electrical circuit once in
a while by applying too great a load to it.  It’s really easy to
do so the electrical overload breaker built into your DuroMax
generator protects it and your investment.

Controls all in one panel

Having the controls all in one panel is a major advantage in
that you can tell at a glance how your DuroMax generator is
running and be able to make any necessary changes should
it not be running properly.

12 volt dc outlet

The 12 volt dc outlet makes it possible to charge auto, truck,
boat, aircraft and travel trailer batteries from the DuroMax
generator.  You have the major advantage of very efficiently
and quickly charging batteries by using your DuroMax generator.
This means that that a separate, heavy, space consuming charger
need not be part of the gear that is dragged along with all of your
other stuff and thet your vehicle’s motor need not be running to
charge its battery.

Sound reduction design

The sound reduction design allows your DuroMax generator
to operate very quietly making it far more pleasant for you
and the other fishermen, campers and outdoor enthusiasts
around you.

Auto decompression system

The engine auto decompression system allows for quick and
easy start-ups minimizing wrist, arm and back strain when and
if the electric start system is inoperable.


There are three DuroMax generator models included in this review.
The review of each model can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate
link below.

DuroMax Model XP4400e

DuroMax Model XP8500e

DuroMax Model XP10000e

Here is where you can purchase your choice today

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